Rivelo. Rides with you

up at dawn, fresh air, freedom, smooth tarmac, friendship, power, narrow hill climbs, potholes, 15% gradient over 3 kilometres, burning legs, mind over matter, out of breath, sense of achievement, fast winding descents, exhilaration, feeling alive

these are the things you want to be focusing on during your bike ride Rivelo.

Rides with you

Mens Barbondale Merino Jersey
– classic styling with technical details for all round performance

your cycling kit should be something you can rely on but doesn't demand attention…
something that’s carefully designed to complement your performance; well fitted & quietly confident…that feels good in all the right places…that punches above its weight...
so you can get on and enjoy your bike ride – how hard you push is up to you
Rides with you

designed by cyclists
tried & tested by cyclists
loved by cyclists

Rivelo. Rides with you

knowing you can forget about
everything but the bike ride

Rivelo. Rides with you